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Why Grossman Marketing & Advertising?

In business, I have found that two things never change: We want more for less. We get what we pay for.

Advertising is a business. And like most businesses, advertising agencies look for ways to increase profits and cut expenses. They want more for less. A great number of them save money by not hiring senior level creative people. Instead, they hire younger, inexperienced creative people. And pay them less. However, agencies who swap experience for inexperience do not get more for less. They get what they pay for–an inferior product.

Inexperienced creatives know how to produce work that looks professional. They may even win awards for design. But if they don’t know how to position a product, find its unique selling proposition, or develop a marketing strategy, there is little chance of success. A great looking ad that lacks positioning and a strong marketing strategy is nothing but a great looking, ineffective ad.

Our philosophy works. I believe that hiring inexperienced people in order to increase profits is unethical. Because our clients pay us for handling their marketing communications, we share the responsibility of their growth and success. That’s why we work with only the best creative talent in the business – top people who have great track records, who know how to gain consumers’ attention and how to persuade them to buy our clients’ products and services.

The way we work reduces overhead and enables us to charge clients only for what they receive–at a fair price. So, in working with Grossman Marketing & Advertising, not only do you get what you pay for, you actually do get more for less. To put it in broader terms, a person with serious health problems wouldn’t go to a young inexperienced doctor for a checkup. Why would anyone put the promotion of his or her product or company in the hands of an inexperienced creative team? After all, it directly affects a company’s health and growth.